How to write about an introvert

Before you write about an introvert, you need to keep in mind that they do not come out from home. You never ask them to hang out or make an appointment for the meeting. You have to keep in mind that they will always get late to the appointment and mostly they love to cancel […]


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Experience of othering

I believe most foreign students experience certain difficulties when they come to a foreign country and are unable to use the native language of the country or English at an International school. When I first come to Thailand, I was a young boy, who could not speak any Thai or English. Therefore, I attended an […]

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Farewell blog

In the senior year reflection, I once state that time goes really fast. Now I am the senior student who is about graduate. WOAH!!! TIME DOES GO REALLY FAST!!! It was one student who feel the speed of time once again. When I was writing senior year, I was the student who was concerned about […]

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The external and the internal

The external conflict in the novel is racial segregation. Basically, there is a wide gap and extreme tension between the black and white people. There are disparity and anguish between the two because of a social system of hierarchy and inequality. The solution Paton suggests in this novel is forgiveness,  social justice, and economic equality. […]

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Travel and Tourism

Starting with the Roman quote which said, ” If you go to Rome, follow the Roman law.” The fundamental rules that tourist must follow is to obey the certain country that you are travelling. There are different cultures and traditions that you might not understand, but I believe experiencing the that cultures and traditions is […]

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Calls to Action

As I planned to be the mechanical engineer in the future, I want to provide higher air qualities by invent the enormous air cleaner and purifying the air pollution. Recent days, some countries’ air pollution is really bad, that people need to wear masks to not get sick. Similar to Thailand, where few days ago, […]

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Different Side of Brazil

Brazil is the largest country in both South America and Latin America. The population of Brazil is 208 million people, and it is only country that speak Portuguese in Americas. It has Amazon River basin includes a vast tropical forest, home to diverse wildlife, a variety of ecological systems and extensive natural resources spanning numerous […]

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The short Indian story

The three elements in the story that I were not familiar were caste system, the social hierarchy, and a designated form of greeting. First, why have people to follow a designated form of greetings? Aren’t all greeting simply meant to wish well and a sign of basic etiquette. Aren’t greeting just supposed to convey that? […]

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Social Issues

No Way Out was the book that make me think back about the poverty and lack of need in the world. If was both miserable and interesting about the life of poverty and the family of Boonma. It was a great story, but the tone of the book was really depressive, I almost experience depression […]

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Karma and Suffering

Whenever my friend experiences the bad incidents, we speaks,”AH! Karma!” as a humorous joke or to make fun of him. However, I never had deep understanding in the law of karma and only knew that the consequences happen when we do bad action. Now I want to the deep understanding of law of karma, and […]

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